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A STRONG PAY FRAMEWORK : Salary structures with market context

Balance internal equity and external competitiveness with contextualized salary structures that provide a strong compensation framework for your business.

Easy alignment

Align structures, grades, jobs, and employees with internal pay practices and market rates.

Flexible modeling

Easily visualize proposed plan and structure changes with modeling tools that support unlimited scenarios.

Interactive insights

Explore the impact of structure updates with interactive visualizations that let you zoom in on every data point.

DRAG-AND-DROP EDITING : Changes made easy

Say goodbye to manually updating data tables. With CompAnalyst's drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly expand and contract ranges, move jobs between ranges, and build and save new structures with ease.

Contextualized intelligence

Benchmark internal pay ranges and actual employee salaries against continuously updated market rates to ensure that your pay practices remain internally equitable and externally competitive.

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Smart adjustments

Streamline salary structure adjustments with global default settings that eliminate the need for manual inputs and modifications.

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Expert advice

Access personalized, on-demand support from's team of compensation professionals to help you design, build, and align salary structures with industry best practices.

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STRONG, FOUNDATIONAL PRACTICES : Strategic compensation starts here

Build a strategic, equitable compensation practice in your organization. With CompAnalyst's comprehensive modeling and analytics solutions, you can ensure you always get pay right.

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