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CompAnalyst Geographic Labor Cost Forecasting

REAL-TIME PRICING INTELLIGENCE: Modern pricing starts with dynamic talent market insights

CompAnalyst's labor cost forecasting delivers real-time prices and market demand analysis for new target pay markets.

Fresh intelligence

Gain a deep understanding of the demand for and prices associated with target jobs in your pay markets.

Improved accuracy

Quickly forecast the cost of opening new locations or relocating jobs to new pay markets.

Smart decisions

Help managers make smarter decisions about compensation using dynamic recruiting insights and new market intelligence.

SPOT PRICING: Dynamic pay insights from today's talent market

Go beyond traditional compensation surveys. Create custom spot prices based on your internal pay philosophy, real-time compensation data, and the talent demands in your target pay markets.

Being able to educate an acquired firm and its leaders around how to use and interpret compensation data has been extremely helpful, and has fostered increased positive perspective around our pay practices.
Lauren Smith Vice President, Total Rewards at Beacon Roofing Supply

Intelligent recruiting

Attract top talent by ensuring that your offers meet today's evolving market compensation targets and align with your company's compensation philosophy.

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Data-driven forecasting

Evaluate the demand for jobs in target markets and forecast headcount and cost of labor operations in new markets.

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