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DEEP INSIGHTS: Smart software makes your team more powerful

CompAnalyst streamlines your teams' workflows to deliver smarter data analysis, faster decision making, and new insights into your pay practices.

Comprehensive data analysis

With enhanced data integrations, you can explore new intersections between market data, company data, and employee data.

Informed decision making

With powerful workflows and in-line alerts, you can quickly access the information you need to make critical decisions.

Deeper insights

With proactive reporting and analytics, you can deliver strategic compensation insights to teams across your business.

Market pricing

CompAnalyst's AI-powered job matching, scoping, and pricing process keeps you competitive, while in-line alerts notify you when you're not keeping pace with the market.

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Survey management

CompAnalyst's smart survey library makes it easy to manage and participate in compensation surveys, while new competitive intelligence helps you understand how your peers are matching to surveys.

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Salary structures

CompAnalyst's interactive salary structure visualizations connect employee pay data to internal structures and grades, while market data overlays keep structures in line with the market.

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Merit modeling

CompAnalyst's merit modeling tools help you align pay with performance in your organization, while budget forecasting tools analyze the cost of proposed merit pay plans.

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Job description management

CompAnalyst's job library creates a centralized repository for your job descriptions, while collaboration and editing tools engage stakeholders in the job description management process.

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Labor cost forecasting

CompAnalyst's geographic labor cost forecasting tools help you forecast cost of labor operations in new international markets, while real-time job posting data helps you evaluate the demand for jobs in target markets.

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