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Always-on Accuracy: Smarter prices start with HR-reported pay data

CompAnalyst Market Data delivers accurate, up-to-date market pricing information from 16 countries in real time to teams across your business.

Unparalleled accuracy

Stay competitive by leveraging the most precise source of HR-reported pay data in the market.

Streamlined workflows

Quickly match, scope, and price jobs using our new job taxonomy, universal search, and three-step pricing process.

New pay insights

Deliver strategic compensation analysis to stakeholders using our presentation-ready reports and analytics.

Key Features: A powerhouse market pricing platform

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets, stale data, and tedious work. CompAnalyst Market Data makes pricing jobs in multiple markets fast and simple.

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800 million data points and growing

HR-reported pay data, combined with our proprietary machine learning-powered insights, delivers prices for every job in every pay market - even those not found in traditional surveys.


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800 million

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Mobile Access: Market pricing on-the-go

Access data anytime, anywhere. Market price jobs and access interactive reports from any mobile device with our fully responsive platform.

Intuitive workflows

Get your work done, quickly. Streamlined workflows make it easy to market price, run reports, and quickly deliver value to your business.

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Embedded executive pay data

Quickly calculate CEO pay ratios, compare executive pay packages and pay ratios against publicly-reported peer data, and create CEO pay-for-performance analyses.

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Enhanced pricing intelligence

Gain critical visibility into incentive pay. Discover different jobs’ eligibility for incentives, as well as actual dollar amounts associated with long- and short-term incentive payouts in peer organizations.

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Time-saving default settings

Avoid time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Saved scopes make it easy to benchmark jobs across all your pay markets, while customizable dashboard widgets help you quickly get to reports you use most.

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Help when you need it

Extend your team's expertise with training and support. Our dedicated compensation professionals are always available to answer questions, provide training, and discuss best practices.

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First Virtual Data Partner

Analytics : Your data, visualized

Communicate your strategy clearly and concisely in your next meeting. Design and export management-ready data visualizations for use in PowerPoint, Excel, and other reporting tools.

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