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Discover pay's role in recruiting, engagement, and retention by connecting your teams with powerful HR analytics.

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DATA-POWERED STORYTELLING : The right analytics reveal compelling insights

CompAnalyst's reporting and analytics marry external market data and internal company data for 360° insights and powerful storytelling.

Robust reporting

With pre-built report templates and custom report writing options, quickly find data you need to make decisions.

Dynamic visual analytics

With fully customizable visual analytics, create data visualizations that answer your most pressing questions.

Strategic storytelling

With presentation-ready reports, connect pay to strategic HR initiatives for powerful storytelling.

Customizable data visualizations

CompAnalyst's native integration with Tableau allows you to build fully customizable data visualizations that pull from any field in the product, including custom fields.

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Deep workflow insights

CompAnalyst's in-line alerts and integrated analytics deliver insights directly into the workflows you use most.

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Proactive analytics

CompAnalyst's proactive analytics help you quickly identify data outliers, without needing to search or run specialized reports.

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Comprehensive reporting

CompAnalyst's pre-built report templates deliver easy answers to common compensation questions, while comprehensive report writing options allows you to configure reports to meet your needs.

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Simplified CEO pay ratio calculations

CompAnalyst's interactive CEO pay ratio reports allow you to easily calculate your organization's CEO pay ratio using real-time employee compensation data.

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HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT: Improve your analytics fluency

Drive data collaboration and powerful visual storytelling with the latest Tableau tips and tricks. Whether you’re new to BI tools or just looking to brush up on your skills,’s team of compensation experts and data analysts can help you increase your fluency in all things analytics.

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